NDIS: Critical success factors for workforce planning and redesign

23 August 2017
9am – 5pm


Health workforce of the future will need to adjust to the NDIS person-centred choice and control model to offer higher levels of flexibility and new ways of working to meet consumer needs. New principles of workforce redesign need to take into account changes to the range of operational and professional practice required. These principles need to directly link the quality of care and support to the skills, knowledge, values and attitudes of the people providing services and support, along horizontal and vertical continuums of care.

This workshop recognises the important role the workforce has to play, and offers alternative options for workforce planning, development and redesign. Using global ideas in new workforce redesign and integration models, this workshop will demonstrate how establishing a fully integrated workforce relies upon smooth and integrated macro, meso and micro decision-making to achieve synergy and successful reform.


Session 1: 9.00 – 10:30

  • Overview of the principles of workforce redesign in the context of NDIS – where we are now and where we need to get to
  • Workforce redesign thinking and theory

10:30   Morning Tea

Session 2: 11:00 – 12:30

  • The principles of workforce integration for health and social care – using integration modes to achieve right care, right place, right time care delivery
  • The international – using the Hunter trial site and the international and Local experience in developing a fully integrated workforce.

12:30   Networking Lunch

Session 3: 1:30 – 3:00

  • Exploring practical approaches to workforce planning
  • New ideas for human resource retraining, recruitment, and retention
  • Positioning the workforce for right care, right place, right time delivery

3:00   Afternoon Tea

Session 4: 3:30 – 4:00

  • Interactive experience using a toolkit for developing positive workplace cultures
  • Workforce measurement models – is it working?
  • Methodology for designing and redesigning cost effective workforce solutions

Workshop Trainer:

Susan Barron-Hamilton
Miscellaneous Objectives Bureau

A social worker by trade, Susan brings over twenty years’ experience working at reforming micro, meso and macro level systems within the health care industry. Over the last 3 years, she has brought her research to the international conference circuit to both share and gather ideas and information about a range of health industry topics for innovative reform and redesign.

Her current focus is on formulating her PhD research framework to inform sustainable development for fully integrated multi-level systems design, including workforce, stepped care and clinical staging, measurement models, and facilitating improved understanding among organisations of how these concepts translate to meaningful implementation. In this work, she is will be contributing to the national movement in creating and consolidating “upstream thinking” solutions for innovative service re-design and the development of meaningful products and processes to better manage the growing burden on Australia’s health system.

Whilst Susan works in an Associate relationship with Healthy Options Australia, in her consultancy role, she works with organisations to develop their experimental mind set, identify the “unknown” and create resources and tools to translate ambiguity into opportunity.

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