Why Attend

Attend this 2-day forum to:

 1      Gain insights from Government bodies and industry leaders on the NDIS roll-out, and how we can focus on getting the best outcomes and value from NDIS
 2      Leverage on lessons learnt from NDIS trial sites and understand how you can operate better in the NDIS-environment
 3      Hear directly from the consumer about how we can help our consumers navigate NDIS more effectively
 4      Understand what you can do to prepare your workforce for NDIS
 5      Identify your value proposition to build a strong foundation for NDIS
 6      Build commercially savvy, agile and flexible organisations to tackle NDIS challenges
 7      Learn how to engage employees, consumers and the community in planning for your NDIS services
 8      Prepare your organisation’s infrastructure, systems and processes for the NDIS roll-out

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